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Class List Page
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Here is an introduction of the new Class List page located under the Staff Landing Page of our Single Sign-On.




  • Class List replaces the Staff Roster within myssb.


  • Class List is a modern integrated look at classes scheduled. You will have the ability to search by Term and CRN:


The information provided shows enrollment counts, class dates and more!

  1. Export the class list to Excel
  2. Separate tab for Wait listed students
  3. Change the View type to show more student detail
  4. Email directly from the page, you can select all or individual students to email
  5. Change the amount of information on the screen (Don’t want to see Midterm? Uncheck it here)
  6. Hover on student name to get more information OR click View Profile to take you to the Student Profile for more in-depth information!




Happy exploring the new application!

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