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Faculty Feedback
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Faculty Feedback 

Faculty feedback processing is used to help faculty members identify and monitor students in their classes who may be at risk academically. Faculty members can use pages to:  

  • Select issues and make recommendations to address the issues. Note: These must have been previously defined for the institution by a Faculty Feedback administrator. 
  • Enter free form comments regarding the issues. 
  • Enter estimated grades. 

Information is collected during a specific period of time or session. Any faculty member who is defined as an instructor can enter feedback in Banner Faculty Self Service. When an instructor is assigned to a course, the instructor can view the information. When multiple instructors are assigned to a course, they can all view the information. Instructors can update and change existing comments entered by other instructors. 

Note: Estimated grades used for faculty feedback do not relate to actual grades received by the students. Estimated grades are used only for monitoring the progress of the students.  

If the feedback period is open, links are available by record to provide feedback on issues and recommendations. Comments can also be entered. The page shows the number of registered students, the number of monitored students, and the number of monitored students that require feedback in a specific period. When no feedback is required, the following message is displayed in place of the page, You are not required to provide any feedback to students at this time. Click on a record under Select to Enter Feedback to access the Faculty Feedback Roster page and view summary or detailed information. Each record can be expanded to show detailed information. The faculty member can select issues that apply, add the estimated grade, provide comments, and offer recommendations. 

Note: any instructor assigned to a course can view the detail information and enter comments and recommendations or update or delete comments and recommendations entered by other instructors. This page is accessed by clicking on a record under Select to Enter Feedback on the Faculty Feedback Sessions page. The page is first accessed with a summary view, and then a detailed view can be displayed for a record. 

Faculty Information Summary View 

This summary view of the page is displayed when the page is first accessed from the Faculty Feedback Sessions page Detailed View This detailed view of the page is displayed when the Show/Hide button is selected for a record. This view allows you to select information for issues and recommendations for the student, and enter comments. Use Faculty Feedback This section describes how to leave feedback for students. Procedure  

  1. Access the Faculty and Advisors menu. 

  1. Select the Faculty Feedback item. 

  1. On the Faculty Feedback Sessions page, click a record in the List of Courses Requiring Your Feedback section, where the Feedback Status is active. 

  1. On the Faculty Feedback Roster page, click the Show/Hide icon to expand the entry for the desired student. 

  1. On the detailed display of the student, check the boxes that apply for issues and recommendations for the student, and enter comments and estimated grade if needed. 

  1. Repeat for other students in the roster. 

  1. Click Submit periodically to save changes. 

On return to the List of Courses Requiring Your Feedback, the number of Monitored Students that Need Feedback will be updated. Note: When a faculty member views the Faculty Feedback Roster in Banner Faculty Self Service, the students that require feedback are displayed with the status of Monitored. When an issue or recommendation has been entered and saved for a monitored student, the Monitored status changes to Complete. Students with an Optional status remain as optional. Students are assigned the Monitored status when the Feedback Monitor Students Process (SFRFFMN) runs. Baseline Processing for Faculty Feedback Faculty feedback processing uses some baseline objects for processing in Self-Service. Please see the Registration chapter in the Banner Student User Guide and Banner Student Reports and Processes Handbook for more information. 




CLASS cannot have feedback since class has ended 



Faculty view of Classes able to give Feedback: 


Click on the Course you want to give feedback in: 


Clicking the righthand side dropdown “v” opens up the Issues and Recommendations: 



Scroll to bottom to Submit for class: 




Options for Counseling and other Areas not assigned a class with the student: 

Located on the Student Profile current called “Banner9 Faculty” 


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