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Xerox Secure Print
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This Guide will Help you Print securely, Please click Preview and Follow the instructions on the Document Attached.


Once you are ready to print and have selected the print button.


You should see this page, please click PROPERTIES

After this next screen will appear, please select the Job Type drop down.


Select Secure print


Once Clicked you will be asked to enter a 4 digit code. Remember this code because you will need it to receive you print from the Xerox.


After you code has been entered, click OK


Don’t forget to set the print how you want it (double Sided or other options) and click Print

Walk to the Printer you just sent your secure print to and select JOBS.

At the top right of the JOBS app you should see SECURE JOBS


Select your Job, you will be asked to enter the Passcode you made earlier. Your Confidential Print will Begin after.

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