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Getting Started with Zoom 



Zoom is a cloud-based videoconferencing tool for audio- and videoconferencing, chat, webinars, hosting large meetings, and more. Learn how to join a Zoom meeting, adjust your audio and video settings, use meeting controls, and share your screen. 


Downloading Zoom  

All district owned devices have Zoom preinstalled on them. For personal devices, visit our Installing the Zoom Application article. 


Signing into Zoom 

Zoom can be accessed four different ways: 

  • by using the Zoom tile located in SSO 
  • by the web at
  • by the desktop Zoom application, or 
  • by the mobile application 

No matter how you are accessing Zoom, signing in should follow the same instructions: 

  • Click on Sign In 

Note: If you are signing in from a desktop application, when you open the application, you will automatically be prompted to sign in. 

  • Select the Sign In with SSO option 

Note: If you don't see this option, then log out of Zoom first. Click your profile photo/initials in the upper right corner, then click Sign Out. On the next screen that appears, select Sign In with SSO

  • You will be asked to enter your company domain. Type barstow-edu 

Note: If you are signing in from a web browser, you will not be prompted for this information. 

  • You will be redirected to the BCC log-in page. Enter your BCC Email/BNumber and password. 

  • After you have successfully signed in, you'll be redirected back to the Zoom application. 


Key Features 

Learn how to: 

  • Join a Zoom meeting 

  • Adjust your audio and video settings 

  • Use meeting controls 

  • Share your screen 

If you're looking for instructions on how to schedule a Zoom meeting, watch this brief instructional video from Zoom: Schedule a Meeting from the Web or Desktop 


Joining a Meeting 

You can join a meeting from the Zoom application, a web browser, an email invite or over the phone. 


From Zoom Application 

  • Open the Zoom application 
  • Click Join 
  • Enter the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name 
  • Optional: Modify how you'd like your name to appear 

  • Click Join 

From a Web Browser 

From an Email Invite 

  • Click on the join link in your email or calendar invitation 

Watch a brief video of these instructions from Zoom: Joining a Meeting (3:30) 


From a Telephone 

  • On your phone, dial one of the teleconferencing numbers provided in your invite 

Note: Call-in phone numbers are not toll-free. You may incur charges from your phone service provider. In particular, be sure to choose a call-in number for the country you're calling from. 


  • Enter the meeting ID when prompted, using your dial pad. 


Note: If you have already joined the meeting via computer, you will have the option to enter your 2-digit participant ID to be associated with your computer. If you have not joined on your computer, simply press # again when prompted to enter in your participant ID. 


Starting Audio and Video 

Watch a brief video of these instructions from Zoom: Joining & Configuring Audio & Video (2:40). 

  1. From within a meeting, click the Join Audio icon 

  1. Select Join Audio Conference by Computer 

  1. If you still can’t hear the room: 

  • Click the ^ symbol next to the microphone icon 

  • Click Audio Options 

  • Click Test Computer Mic & Speakers 

  • Choose the correct speaker and microphone source from the drop-down menus 

  1. If your webcam isn’t working:  

  • Click the ^ symbol next to the video camera icon 

  • Click Video Settings 

  • Select the correct camera source from the drop-down menu 


Meeting Controls 

  • Select Mute to mute and unmute yourself 

  • Select Video to turn on/off your camera 

  • Select Invite to invite others to the Zoom meeting through email 

  • Select Manage Participants to see/manage other participants 

  • Select Share to share content with other participants 

  • Select Chat to chat with other meeting participants 

  • Select Record to start recording the meeting (if you are the meeting host) 

Watch a video tutorial about host and co-host controls in a Zoom meeting: Meeting Controls (1:02) 


Sharing Your Screen (Mac and Windows) 

Watch a brief video of these instructions from Zoom: Sharing Your Screen (3:41) 

  1. Select Share at the bottom of your meeting window  

  1. Choose to show one of the following:  

  • Full Desktop  

  • A Specific Application (Chrome, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)  

  • Whiteboard (Sharing a whiteboard

  1. Check the checkbox next to Share Computer Sound to share audio with others  

  1. Select Share Screen  

  1. To stop sharing content, select Stop Share at the top of the meeting window 


Sharing Your Screen (iOS and Android) 

More information about sharing your screen on an iOS or Android device is available from Zoom. 


Requesting Help 

To request help, please submit a ticket to the BCC IT Helpdesk

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