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Microsoft Excel



What is Excel? 

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is included with the Microsoft Office Suite. The program is used to record and analyze numerical and statistical data. There are many uses of MS Excel, for example, it helps in building great charts, making calculations, conditional formatting, identifying trends, bringing data together, etc.  

Cost and Eligibility: 

Any actively enrolled student or currently employed Staff or Faculty member is eligible to use Excel and other Microsoft Office 365 tools offered by Barstow Community College at no cost. 


Features and Benefits: 

  • Easy to secure, store, and record data  

  • Allows users to create a clearer and neater visibility of information 

  • Stores all data in one place, making it convenient for users 

  • With the formula option, doing calculations has never been so easy 

  • When working with a large amount of data, users can add multiple worksheets to a single spreadsheet to better organize their workbook and make it easier to find content 


Training and Additional Support/Resources: 


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