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How to Create a Conferzoom account
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How to create a Confer Zoom account .


First Login to your 


Then Click on the “ConferZoom” tile


Fill out the information All fields are required 



Once you hit “Sign up” you will see this page 


After you see this Check your email .




Find the confirmation email in your email .


You will open the email and click the link .

If you do not see the email in your email ,please check your spam/junk email folder. 


Once you click the link you will be directed to this page 


I would advise against using facebook or google as your work zoom account. Please choose

“sign up with a password”

You will be directed to this page 


Create a password that satisfies the required fields . Please do not use the same password you use for your work email . 


Once you have created a password you will see a test meeting page



When you click the test meeting URL you will see this page and it will download a file .



Click the save file and save it to your downloads folder  .

Find the containing folder and run the application by double clicking the file.


It will install 



If it asks for admin rights on your computer Call I.T at extension 7000 and we will help you with this step .


You should see this page and at this point you have successfully installed Conferzoom ✋✋


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