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How to use the Cisco Video confrence room in D109 to FI classroom 4
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Hello, are you having issues with the Fort Irwin conference machine ?

In this guide we will show you the simple troubleshooting methods and how to use the conference phone..


Step one is to turn on the machine as normal .

First we tap the screen to wake it up .

Then Press the Contacts button and select 7501. You can also select the dial key and type in the 7501 ext .

Once you press 7501  you will see the Green Call Button . Just press the green call button to see the frt irwin side .

After you press it ,the machine will start calling . 


Now you will Turn On the TV 

You should see the classroom and a self view of your side on the TV like this example . 

An important step here is to make sure the volume on the TV is up at full .


To adjust either camera view you must touch the screen on the PAD 

To adjust the frt irwin side camera you must press the screen in box that says 7501 which is highlighted in red in this example . To adjust the D109 classroom camera you must press the “Self View” box highlighted in blue .

Now you are connected to FRT Irwin 




Can they see you but you cannot see them ?

Fix: call ext 7617 (Siri) and have her go to the classroom on the frt irwin side and reset the machine. If siri Does not answer call ext 7279 and I.T will handle it .


Can you both see each other and but one of you cannot hear the other ?

Fix : 1st check the TV on either campus side or class side and make sure the volume is on .

2nd check the bottom right corner of the pad on either side and make sure the green light is on and not red .


3rd There are hanging microphones in D109 and Frt Irwin Classroom that look like this

This microphone should always have a green light . if the light is red chances are a student played with it and pressed mute at one point.


If you don't have sound after checking these 3 steps then call I.T at ext. 7279


Any other issues with the classroom that you have please call extension 7279



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